About WebPalettes

WebPalettes is a full-service E-commerce company, based in New York. Starting from website design, development, web hosting SEO optimizations, marketing of product and services via internet, data security and fraud preventions etc, we provide everything that you might need for your online business. In short if you have product or service we can take complete responsibility to make it profitable. We offer a wide array of web solutions to fulfill your specific needs and requirements.

Our success lies in your success, that's why we work with you to help you in realizing your business goals. Committed to deliver the maximum value to our customers, we aim at becoming a long-term partner in your success. Based upon the latest market strategies and web technologies, we provide the custom web solutions with the features necessary to fit your business needs.

Our team is made of professional web developers, talented designers, commercial savvy marketers and creative writers to present you effectively and emphatically in the world of Internet. This team is headed by our CEO, Neelam Kapadia, himself as he is a trained web developer and is an expert in Internet marketing and also, a graduate of Stearns School of business.

About Us

What we do

Our services start from analyzing and understanding your business objectives. Whether you are selling a product or a service, we take the full responsibility of creating an undisputable web presence for your business by developing a website that reflects your corporate identity and your unique vision & goals.

Once your website is ready, up and running, our internet marketing professionals start working on it. No one can deny the scope of endless possibilities and tremendous opportunities to run your business successfully in an online market. Our marketing specialists continuously research and find out ways to reach your target audience and to help you in creating a higher ROI.

We take our each project as a challenge and work with persistence to satisfy our customers with our excellent services.

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